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Get the inside scoop on items, people and places from the design team! Over the next couple of months, we'll be adding more and more details about the Fallout world. Start with the tutorial chapter in the manual, and then continue your adventure here, with tips and hints from other explorers!

Last Update: 10 November 1997

One of the first things you should do is get some better equipment and some experience. The best places for this at the start of the game are Vault-15 and Shady Sands. When you exit the Vault-13 caverns, click on the Vault-15 button on the world map. Watch your progress, and when you find a small town (marked by the green circle on the map), stop there.

A H&K 10mm SMG

Name: 10mm SMG
Damage: 5-12
Range (single): 25m
Range (burst): 20m
Min ST: 4
AP cost: 5/6
Burst: 10 rounds
Ammo: 30 × 10mm
Value: $1000

A leather jacket

Name: Leather Jacket
Armor Class: 8
Normal: 0/20%
Laser: 0/20%
Fire: 0/10%
Plasma: 0/10%
Electrical: 0/30%
Explosion: 0/20%
Value: $300

Shady Sands is the name of the town. Spend some time here, talking to people and getting used to the game interface. Shady Sands offers you a good chance to gain some experience, practice some skills and even gain a level or two. One thing it is not good about is getting you too much equipment. For that, you will have to continue on to Vault-15... Take a rope with you when you do.

Vault-15 is beyond Shady Sands. Again, use your world map button to automatically point you in the right direction. When you get to Vault-15, you have to click in the green triangle to actually enter the map. As you explore places, you get more green triangles on the town maps. These are places you can immediately jump to when you arrive in a location you've visited before or know about.
Walk into the building and use the ladder to climb down into the caverns below. Kill some rats and make your way to the elevator shaft. You need to use a rope on the shaft to be able to climb down it. Ropes are available in Shady Sands...
Use the elevator again to climb down. Explore this level. You will need to use another rope on the other broken elevator. The locker in one of the southern rooms has a rope and a leather jacket. Continue on to Level 3. There you will find more rats, a couple of lockers that have goodies (including the 10mm SMG) and learn about the fate of Vault-15.
After you are done here, return to Shady Sands and continue your exploration...

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