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Hyperlinks--a new hand-held weapon in Fallout 2? Nope! The fastest way to get around without worrying about the clock? Well...sorta. But we don't guarantee you won't run into any mutants, radscorpions, or other menacing things along the way!

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Well, I spent many months playing Fallout 1. After having won and lost the game every possible way, I sat around eagerly awaiting Fallout 2. Two weeks before release I was hounding your employees for a release date almost every day. The day Fallout 2 hit the shelves, I cashed in some hard earned vacation time and spent a week playing, almost non-stop. Fallout 2 is easily the best computer RPG on the market. I haven't had any problems with game play. I like the engine. I especialy like the fact trade with and control over NPC's has been made more robust. I havent beaten it yet, but I hope too in the next several weeks..Keep up the good work..

Brian Hardin

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Links Created For and By Fallout Fans

  • Fallout's Mod Center - A place for Fallout's fans to exchange Mods created with the Fallout 2 Map editor, download Mods made by other fans, talk to other fans about the creation of mods...
  • Fallout Tactics Links Page - Visit this site for the most up to date Fallout Fan Links!
  • Fallout RU - Russian Fallout fansite
  • Vault 12 - Russian Fallout fansite
  • Harvey's Fallout Page - Your (almost total) complete guide to Fallout, full detailed walkthrough, item list, patch install guide, and more.
  • The Bomb Shelter - Fallout 2 FAQ, hints, news, walkthrough, etc.
  • San Andrea's Vault: Fallout Humor - A humorous look at Nuclear war and Fallout "too."
  • No Mutants Allowed - Your Fallout resource center. News, Screenshots, Info and much more.
  • Finnish Fallout 2 page - Fallout 2 page for finnish users. Includes Fallout 2 information, tips, message board, files, solutions, links and much more.

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